As a surgeon, but in the field

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Cleaning the drain equals half health. Everybody wants to be a doctor or surgeon. But the view of the blood causes them to suddenly descend to the ground. Who has such a problem, let him hurry quickly to us! Our specialists operate the "intestines and arteries" of the city using a camera and various instruments as in the operating room. We can use gloves more than once, the transfer of baciles does not matter here and we need to work with boilers.
Doctors of the city
Cleaning drains in cities is extremely important. We know from history what diseases have spread quickly only because of the lack of a network of waste roads and the Puch on the street, which we should not bear today. Therefore, the continuity of the drain shafts is necessary for healthy urban life. Experts in this activity can really be called as doctors who contribute to a pleasant stay in very populated localities.