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Why The Reestablishing Of Gray Wolves Is Of Utmost Importance

That the gray wolves are an integral component of the conservation of the ecosystem is a fact that does not require much emphasizing. By hunting the deer and the elk plus a couple of other animals the populations are kept in check. As a result, there is an increase in the number of plant species. Nutrients that come from the animal carcasses are redistributed in terms of food for various species of wildlife. The animals that benefit in this instance are the scavengers and grizzly bears.

As a result of successful reintroduction of the gray wolves the parks no longer experience the challenges of erosion, out of balance ecosystem and defoliation. What had brought about that depressing situation is the high number of elks and deers. The animals overfed on the willows and other kinds of plans in the park. The resultant effect of this was that the structures near the riverbank and the soil were negatively affected.

As a result of reestablishing the gray wolves into the park, it has become possible to attain a better balance among the predators and prey. This stems from the fact the wolves rank very high when it comes to aggressive predatory behaviors. The previous removal of the predators led to a trophic cascade. This happened since the food webs experienced disruption. What this meant is that the reintroduction was instrumental in establish a new behavioral pattern among the elks. The herbivores gave a wide berth to the locations such as the gorges and valleys that they knew the predators were prowling.

The park saw the coming back of mice, beavers and beavers as a result of the successful reestablishing of the gray wolves. What incentivized the coming back as a result of the park regeneration that occurred as the soil erosion was a thing of the past. The end result of this was the plant life along the riverbanks was rejuvenated. When the park achieved stability in the riverbanks rivers and streams were able to chart new courses.

Scavengers were the key beneficiaries of the reestablishment of the gray wolves into the park. Among them include the eagles, magpies, and bears that take advantage of the remains that the wolves left behind. The effective strategy that is adopted by the feeders id to follow the wolves at a close distance and raven on the remains. This works for them effectively and it enables them to survive through the winter when food is a rarity.

When the reestablishing of the gray wolves took place, the riparian vegetation went up. Apache trout that hitherto faced extinction were recovered as a result of the decrease of grazing that was not regulated.

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