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Exploring Crucial Facts About Canada’s Marijuana Legalization

By legalizing the usage of marijuana, Canada has become the second country in the world to take that route. This move has great impact on the consumers and the investors in the nation. An essential fact to take note of is that the legal purchase of the drug is only to adults.

It is up to the individual provinces in Canada to make decision regarding the way the weed will sold and consumed. With the exception of Quebec where 21 is the legal age, no person below the age of 18 can buy marijuana. Additionally, you are only permitted to carry a maximum of 30 grams outside your house.

The marijuana legalization is not in place in the country’s largest city, Toronto. Two opposing sides have engaged in a dispute that has resulted in the delayed legalization. One part wants the state to take control of the cannabis business while the other one prefers that the running of the trade be done privately. A solution to the issue is expected sometimes in April when the disputes will be addressed.

Whereas Vancouver has in the past been considered as lenient in rules pertaining to cannabis, they have faced certain challenges implementing the marijuana legalization. This stems from the delay in putting in place a retail strategy that has led to giving out licenses to shop owners. In the resulting confusion, state owned and private run illegal are in operation.

Whereas the marijuana has been legalized in Canada, the same does not extend to the edibles. Concentrates and extracts are some of the items that are still prohibited. However, in accordance with the existing laws, the edibles can be legally prepared at home. It is however expected that the use of the weed will be expanded later on by the legislators.

The implementation of drug policies has been left to individual companies after the marijuana legalization in Canada. This has been necessitated by the lack of guidance from the federal government. It is the mandate of the businesses to put in place drug guidelines for their workers.

Even with the marijuana legalization in Canada, it is illegal to bring the weed back from the country and the other way around. The laws that are applicable to individual states in the US will be superseded by the federal laws as regards border security. This is attributed to the firm stand of the federal government which maintains that cannabis is an illegal drug that has no evident medical value and is prone to abuse.

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