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What to Know Concerning Medicare Open Enrollment

1966 is remembered as the year when Medicare was first introduced. This is a health insurance program by the federal government that aims at providing coverage for people above the age of 65 years and those below 65 years with some disability. More than 60 million Americans today make use of this kind of health coverage. Among the privileges people can enjoy under this policy include Medicare Part A which is for hospital insurance, Part B that is for medical insurance, and Part D that is for drug prescription. If you are contemplating to change the coverage you are having currently, you are certainly waiting for the next Medicare open enrollment. It is good to mind about the present enrollment lest it passes and has to wait for the next. If you would like to know more concerning Medicare open enrollment, read on.

The first thing is to appreciate what is the meaning of Medicare open enrollment. But even before you get to appreciate what Medicare open enrollment is, you should understand the meaning of the Medicare open enrollment period is. In case there are some features you would like to change on your Medicare coverage, you can make the changes during medicare open enrollment period. This allows you to make the changes that you need in case the current plan is not good for you. Although one can make so many changes on their plan, it is good to mention the most common.

In case you currently have the Original Medicare plan, you can switch it to Medicare Advantage Plan In case you would like to change your Medicare Advantage Plan, you can also do so during this period. In case the Medicare Part D is not good for you, and you would like another plan, you can switch during this period. It is good to note that the Medicare open enrollment is usually near the year-end. In case there are some changes you would like to change on your plan, make sure that the Medicare open enrollment that will start this year on October 15th and will close on December 7th this year does not pass you. However, make sure that you have taken time to ponder about the changes you want to effect early enough.

You will not need to make changes to your current Medicare health plan if the one you have is okay with you. Medicare open enrollment period should not be something you mind about if there are no changes you would like to make on your plan. If your plan does not discontinue due to some reasons, it will auto-renew to the next year without your intervention. Find out if there are changes on your plan since some benefits and premiums may change over time.

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