Mácha Lake

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One of the most popular recreational sites in Bohemia is Máchův Kraj. If you recall Mácha's romantic verses, it would be true that Mácha's lake and its remanable surroundings were indeed described.
Such a history as Mácha's Lake can boast of a proud one. King Charles IV of the Let build a pond, which is also known as a pond above Hirchberg. At least so says the chronicle Beneš box from Weitmile or Jan of Guberu.
Nearby attractions
If you decide to visit the Mácha Lake, be sure to head to the adventures of nearby castles, castles and ruins, whether on foot, by bike or by car. This region also offers a variety of instructing trails, including Mách's Trail and the four-petal around Blaťak, which are loved especially by children.