Magnetic Board, Magnetic board

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Magnetic boards play a major role in everyday use in presentation rooms, training centres and school classes.
Magnetic board

Today, a very varied offer in the field of presentation technology cannot be deprived of a quality tool such as a magnetic board. Don't be mistaken that it only finds its place in the school environment. It belongs to basic teaching aids, but in today's world it is increasingly used as a tool for completing a successful presentation in smaller and larger companies. The spokesperson will appreciate the possibility of double work that the magnetic board allows. The information can be added either by magnets or by dry descriptors, which are inscriptions on the surface. The combination is not a limit, according to the character and needs of the speaker.
Reliable Assistant

The magnetic board will provide the right comfort when presenting in front of other people, which can often be a very demanding matter. Thanks to a reliable, silent assistant, you can handle it without sweaty hands.