Real Beauty

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She leaned against the edge of the acrylic kitchen door and hoped to have at least twenty-one years, but the longer she watched her, the more confident she was, she hadn't even finished the first year at the university. On the other hand, she could only deceive her body. Helena, the young lover of her husband, looked innocent, beautiful and young. Full of life, Elán, energy, enthusiasm.
Elán and Innocence
All that has a healthy young person when he gets to university. The desire to change the world, something to prove, something to change, something to improve. She was the same when she was at the university. She sometimes understood in a quarter or a couple that change something does not mean to make it better, and to enroll in history is not always a positivum. She remembered Adolf Hitler, involuntarily. This is not equal To the best example. Despite this, she failed to feel the slightest hatred for the girl. She was really beautiful.