Reason for Mistress

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Bohuslava thought that maybe the reason he actually found a mistress is doorpavdy only boring in sex. He still loved his wife and always wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. But the their sex was so dull and nutted that it simply lated no enthusiasm for the thing. Adéla just lay beneath him and never reached orgasm, she never attempted to have any pleasure from sex, she just left Bohuslav to be done, and then she fell asleep.
Woman Knows Best
He probably didn't have sex at all, and originally wanted Bohumil to find out why. If he's doing something wrong. When he found Helena, it was quite different. Helena was for every joke, their sex games lasted for hours, and Helena did not hesitate to teach bohumil everything she wanted and what she liked, including how to properly lick a girl like her. His wife never did.