Skvelé Jasle, where the plan detičky happy

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We know that every milujúci parent wants to pre is priceless Ratolest Len's najlepšie. But nezabúdate on this fact PRI takes Zariadenia, in Ktorom will bother your Dieya time pokiaľ you will fill your duties at work? Note that the time that the Ktorú is to be spent is long, and it would be nice to start. Pokiaľ you want to learn and have had a lot of beautiful moments, Mali would be a spozornieť. Our Jasle Bratislava plan has already procuded a wide-range and a Vďaka in the same jednaniu with each one of the Špuntom and the Great obľúbamped.
Rôznorodý Fun-Teaching Program
Veľa of our small members in our country managed their first krôčky, unlearned the use of Plienka, embraced stravovacie habits or extended the is skilnosť. Zväčšovanie slovnej Reserves, Precvičovanie Pamäte auxiliary rôznych entertaining hier, krásnych Poničiek or cheerful Pesničiek is the self-help. Počas DNA We have time divided to stay vo Vnútri, but behold Vonku. We follow the neighboring world, let us play on ihriskách and we teach SA aj Ako sa we have the right on the street.