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Important Tips For Successful Winery Visits

There has never been a better period for visiting a winery compared to now. All over the country, more and more wineries are open and eager for people to visit them. The vast majority of wineries plan special events during summer and entire regions are currently heavily engaged in promoting their wine trails. Winery owners and winemakers could perhaps be the world’s most interesting and charming people. To top it all off, they usually give away free samples of their art. For these and more reasons, many people eventually opt to visit a winery. Below are some tips and suggestions for general winery etiquette if you ever choose to have a winery tour.

First, ensure you have an empty box for carrying the wine. Getting an empty box for wine should not be much of a hassle, since you can get one either at your local wine store or purchase a Styrofoam wine carrier from a shipping store. This is among the tips should take heed of since there is a high likelihood that you will purchase several bottles of wine at the winery, which will then rattle inside your car unless you brought a box with you.

During the winery tour, either hire a vehicle or hire a designated driver for the day. There are very good chances that you may taste more wine than you had planned, which eventually builds up to a huge amount. Not only this, but people who are not accustomed to drinking wine early in the day, may get caught up very fast. In most of the new wine regions, wineries are spread far out, hence plenty of driving is needed to access them. However, you should not despair since tour companies in the country’s wine regions have started to pop up, and are willing to chart visits and take people to wineries.

For people with kids, you may take them but make sure you find an interesting activity for them to do. Wine regions are relatively very around now, and have plenty of nice employees, hence it would be a shame if the children entirely miss the whole experience. On that note however, tasting rooms can be quite boring for children, which is why it is important to ask right away if there is anything for the kids to do e.g. animals to play with, cookies or crackers. Some wineries, even though not all, come equipped with colouring books, basketball nets and bocce courts. However, to stay on the safer side, you may go for the trip equipped with a Rubik’s cube to keep your kids busy.

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