Washers under Chairs

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Your friends have just moved and you are wondering what to give them to a new home? Have you bought some wine and refreshments, but would you like to contribute to the equipment? They might be able to throw such handy pads under a chair. They won't destroy the floor at the beginning and they'll be happier.
Do you take home new chairs, armchairs, or whatever office type? If so, it is necessary that you also think of the pads, which can be used well at home or in the study. If the room is lino or floating floor, it will be the pads under the chair, whichkeep the lino and floor as beautiful for years.
New Office
Still hesitated? If you have already chosen or even bought new cabinets, new carpets and chairs in the new office, be sure to order additional essentials. Surely you should not forget about the thing, such as pads under a chair. Then surely you will not have to solve problems with the broken floor or damaged carpet.