Western Civilization

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The Western civilization was created essentially by the barbarian tribes of the Germanic people who were following the barbaric tribes of the Italians, who had previously created after the destruction of the advanced realm of the ancient Etruscans, eventually on its ruins of the Roman Empire. Common to these Germanic and Italian tribes is that they were only hunters and usurpers, raiders and robbers.
Beyond Riches
In the areas where the Germans lived or basically did nothing to cultivate, they could behave a maximum of a few domestic animals. Life was hard, and they soon discovered that Rich Slavic, but also even Etruscan tribes, thanks to advanced agriculture and developed craftsmanship, had enough wealth to steal them. So began the emergence of Western society. Testosterone, aggressiveness and ruthlessness drove the founder of this civilization. On the forehead of "progress" was actually an erection. Paradoxically, after nearly two millennia, the difficulty of potency has become an inseparable guide to this advanced civilization.