Wood is simply wood!

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Yes, wood is a material that has already ceased everything! The war ceased, the normalisation ceased, the Velvet Revolution ceased, the arrival of the new millennium, just everything. Of course, the substantial difference changes the way it is processed, edited and finished. But a hand on the heart, from what else to make a window than wood? Of course you think of plastic, but do you feel that plastic is a material that has to penetrate really everywhere? Doesn't it seem to you that the new euro windows can give your house and home a completely different dimension?
Try to imagine!
Try to imagine the splendor at least! Well-crafted frames, quality fittings, unmissable décor, simply a unique element! Try to imagine the best insulating properties! Try to imagine that they are yours! You got them! That you have let us make and install them! That would be! So what are you waiting for?