You hesitate to offer a leading position

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If you are offered this position, then whoever offered it has not done it because you are familiar with it. That's probably not the case today. People who have a natural authority are chosen to lead, they go by their subordinated example, not least they are industrious and mainly responsible. Of course, this is not enough for a successful job in this position. They must be communicative and know at what moment to use the prescriptive style or, conversely, participatory. But, you don't really know the exact content of the words you perceive here. And are you worried that you can't handle the position you're offering? So that's the best reason to accept it.
Choose the pros and cons of the offer
If you hesitate to take responsibility for several dozen subordinates, for the work you should do together, take your paper and pencil and write down for and against. Why you would want to work on this position and why you should refuse it. Listen to the choice for. You don't want to change anything? Do you want to build your communication system? Did you come from among your future subordinates, do you want to improve for them? You do not see the advantage that you know each one well and suddenly a few projects will arise that you can realize with these employees? Do you want to know more cons?